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Welcome to All Métis, First Nation and Inuit

For further information, call the Head Office at 506-356-7596

What to Bring:

Traditional law applies: No Drugs, alcohol or mind changers. Please come have a great time and bring a clear heart. This is a reuniting of our families.


Anyone attending the gathering is entering the grounds at their own risk. The owners of the property will not be held responsible for ANY personal or property damage.



The CMC is pleased to inform you of our new discussion Forum. This Forum is an email list dedicated to its membership. Members are welcome to discuss the direction you would like to see the CMC head, to meet other members and many other topics. The list is owned and managed by CMC members and is not open to the public.

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The Government of Canada has released updated information on the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) programs. Of particular interest is information on the Guaranteed Income Supplement and Child Rearing Drop-out Provision, under the Canada Pension Plan.

The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that it provides the necessary support for seniors, in particular those with lower income who are the most vulnerable, persons with disabilities, aboriginals, and people who speak neither of Canada's two official languages.

The government has asked the Canadian Metis Council to distribute information to its members. Brochures can be obtained through the registry office at1336 Route 385
Oxbow, New Brunswick E7G 3G1
or phone 506-356-7596 to have information mailed.

Information can also be obtained through the government website at www.sdc.gc.ca


The Ontario Metis Veterans Association is looking for veterans who have served our country during both peacetime and wartime. The Association has an Honour Roll of our veterans that even the Canadian government does not have. If you are a Metis veteran, contact Harvey Horlack, 2263 Weston Road, Apt. 202, Toronto, ON M9N 1Z5 or phone him at (416) 242-7445. The Metis Nations Veterans Association in the United States is also looking for Canadian aboriginal veterans. The Association can be contacted at Metis Nations Veterans Association, 7672 Aulls Rd., Savona, NY, USA 14879, or email at metis@localnet.com or phone (607) 776-6776.

1336 Route 385
Oxbow, New Brunswick E7G 3G1
Email: canadianmetiscouncil-intertribal@hotmail.com

Mission Statement

The Canadian Métis Council (CMC) is dedicated to the concerns of the Métis people regarding culture, harvesting rights, education, health, youth, justice and other related issues. CMC is also dedicated to the promotion of Métis culture and history. CMC also encourages involvement of our members with other political and cultural organizations.

~With Rights Comes Responsibility~

The Canadian Métis Council was established in 1997 to further the economic, political, spiritual and cultural aspirations of Canada's Métis people.

The Canadian Métis Council is comprised of over 50 community councils and affiliate Métis organizations in every province of Canada. As well, treaties have been signed with Métis organizations in the United States.

Governed by a Board of Directors, the Canadian Métis Council is a non-profit corporation concerned with cultural issues, harvesting rights, education, health, youth, justice and other related issues that directly effect the Métis people of North America.

Persons who believe that they have Aboriginal ancestry are invited to submit an application to CMC's Registry Office. An application form can be printed from this site and mailed to the Registry Office along with an application fee of $100 Cdn, made payable to the Canadian Métis Council.

It is important that the applicant provide proof of Aboriginal ancestry. Guidelines are provided with the application.